Tiny Violets Childcare: Is your extended family for influencing your Little’s emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs utilizing yogic play, early childhood education’s best practices, and positive reinforcement. Make Littles Happy and our goal is to teach the tools of happiness to build a foundation for attaining their fullest potential of Life! We provide programs for children ages 6 weeks – 5 years
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Tiny Violets Childcare

Is your extended family for influencing your child’s emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs . We utilize yogic play, early childhood education’s best practices, and positive reinforcement.

Now Enrolling!

We offer 4 different classrooms for our Tiny Violets.

Owls and Lions are infant classrooms, the toddlers make up our Tarzan class, and our preschool children are the warriors class. Please call for a tour to inquire as to our available openings for your child.

We are looking forward to opening another room in the near future so that we can better serve the community with more classes to offer!

We enroll children 6 weeks old up to 7 years old


We believe in three things that make our center successful:

  1.  HAPPINESS is success.
  2.  We respect the gift of life with good HEALTH habits.
  3.  Our purpose is to serve OTHERS.

Happiness is our measure of success. Only when children are happy, can they be good to themselves and to others. We teach self-love, forgiveness, compassion, channeling energy, health, play, freedom, respect, self-discovery, gratitude, kindness, confidence, and fun to influence emotional, social, and intellectual development. Happiness empowers children to achieve their fullest potential!

When children are happy, they thrive beyond what we expect. Energy is contagious and we excel in maintaining good vibes for children to soar and feel a sense of belonging.


We facilitate our philosophy and core values to instill independence, cooperation, respect and an overall healthy lifestyle daily. Our goal is to teach life tools for our littles to be happy. We use positive guidance and always provide a nurturing, safe, and peaceful environment. We encourage and cultivate positive child, staff, and family relationships. We ensure that we create and uphold a socially and emotionally respectful early learning and care environment. We achieve this by listening, showing respect, and creating classrooms that promote independence and engagement.

Positive Guidance


We train our teachers and staff to give children respect, set realistic expectations, observe children to understand behavioral changes, and model positive communication and social interactions. Our staff will always use positive reinforcement. If there is need for more support regarding social and emotional intervention, then staff will ensure to observe the child to gain knowledge of their individual needs, and then work with management and the child’s family to ensure an appropriate support plan is made. We will all partner together to reduce challenging behaviors. 



Parent and Staff Conferences


We will provide exchanges daily on your child’s behavior, progress, social and physical needs via a daily report using Brightwheel. In addition, we hold parent teacher conferences twice a year. Once in the fall and again in the spring.



Daily Activities

Daily Activity Details Benefits
Gratefulness Sun salutation giving thanks to The Sun and for a new day! Reinforces respect, responsibility, and generosity. 
Nutrition Each day, children will participate in making their own fruit and vegetable smoothie. Nutritional education is key in maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle.
Meditation/Rest Stress-relieving practices meant to calm the mind and release physical tension. Improves self-control, focus, relieves stress and balances energy.
Outdoor play Independent outdoor play utilizing playground equipment as well as group activities and games. Children who spend more time outside tend to be more physically active and less likely to be overweight. Also boosts immunity and imagination.
Singing Variety of songs and impromptu singing activities. Community bonding, improves mental alertness, and is FUN.
Reading Group reading from books at the Tiny Violets’ Library. Children may bring a book from home.  Academic excellence for language, speech, and listening.
Freedom Children are given choices on how to spend their time Promotes independence and self-discovery.
Dance Song of the day to promote creative movement and release negative energy. Encourages self-discovery and a lot of fun.
Music Variety of background music will be played throughout the day. Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words.
Celebrations Kindness, Birthdays, Positive Behavior, New Seasons, Holidays, Milestones, Achievements, and anything that just feels right. The more we celebrate our lives, the more there is in our lives to celebrate!


Our bodies enable us the gift to experience the world and we strive to minimize illness and negative energy with the following policies:


Shoes are contaminated from many diverse sources and not only contain bacteria and germs. To minimize illness for children who are crawling on the floor,  in the infant classrooms staff may use booties or classroom only shoes to follow procedures set by the Division of Early Care and Learning. In addition, children under 18 months old that wear shoes will be required to have separate shoes for indoor use to remain compliant and will be barefoot for yogic play activities.


Fruit is nature’s candy and good for our bodies. Children will not partake in candy under our care. We seek alternative and healthy ways to treat them. However, we do believe in pure chocolate!





Dana Crisman

Tiny Violets Childcare Director: Ms.Dana

Ms. Dana has been in the childcare industry for over 20 years. She has an Associates in Early Childhood Education. She is a passionate lifetime learner and is furthering her education with Spanish and Psychology classes. She loves to spend time with her children and attending rodeos on the weekends.

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Ms. Amarissa – Assistant Teacher Toddlers: Lions Class

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Ms. Destiny- Lead Preschool Teacher

Ms. Destiny- Lead Preschool Teacher: Warriors Class


Ms. Mikayla Lead Teacher Toddlers: Tarzan Class

Ms. Mikayla- Lead Teacher Toddlers: Tarzan Class



Ms.Mackenzie- Assistant Teacher Toddlers: Tarzan Class


Mr. Andrew- Assistant Teacher Preschool: Warriors Class

Mr. Andrew- Assistant Teacher Preschool: Warriors Class

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Ms. Sherry

Ms.Sherry- Lead Teacher: Floater

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Ms. Angela- Lead Teacher, Substitute Teacher

Ms. Angela- Lead Teacher, Substitute Teacher

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Ms. Danielle- Lead Infant Teacher Owls Classroom

Ms. Danielle- Lead Infant Teacher- Owls Classroom

Our hiring team adheres to the mandated process used for all early childhood teachers by the State of Colorado. They are dedicated and passionate about Early Childhood Education. We confirm all professional references and conduct national criminal background screenings. All staff members meet or exceed the qualification requirements set by the State of Colorado. All teachers complete continuing education courses throughout the year to practice lifelong learning and to meet the 15 hour minimum standard for Colorado teachers each year.


Our center uses the Brightwheel Childcare Software Program. It allows us to keep families up to date in real time with messaging features, an activity feed for each child: that shows photos of them, learning milestones, naps and snacks and a variety of other things that you may want to be informed of throughout the day. It also makes payments and other administrative tasks simple and automated for everyone.  We are always here to talk about your child’s progress and help meet any goals you may have for them. We use the Experience Curriculum through Brightwheel.  There are fun monthly themes and the app will show families the  daily lessons which will indicate the area of learning the activity pertains to.


Schedule your tour!

10304 West Belleview Avenue


303 973 0174